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Direct Hire Recruiting

Buckner and West, Inc. has extensive experience in the permanent, temporary and flexible staffing industry with the proven ability to enter new markets and quickly recruit qualified staff and associate employees.  We have the proven ability to manage small staffing projects as well as well as large scale on-site managed service.

At Buckner and West, Inc. we believe that recruiting is an everyday, on-going event. Our recruiters have expertise in all areas of staffing including mechanical and electrical maintenance technicians, quality managers, quality engineers and managers in the manufacturing industry.

Buckner and West Incorporated offers professional recruitment services through recruitment process outsourcing. The company focuses on the recruitment process of industrial, manufacturing, engineering, technical, accounting and finance, and life sciences and healthcare professionals. Additionally, it focuses on the hiring of senior executives including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Chief Information Officer. 

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Human resource management

The professionals at Buckner and West, Inc. know how to manage high degrees of business fluctuation and are committed to utilizing every necessary resource to keep personnel costs low and productivity high.